Monday, May 20, 2013

#30: Marvel Universe - Marvel's Jubilee

I've been looking for the Jubilee figure for a while, and James was able to find one for me. Following Kitty Pryde (and before Rogue in the movies), Jubilee was one of Wolverine's teen sidekicks in the comics. She was also a sort of kid identification character in the early 90s X-Men cartoon. Later, she went on to star as a founding member of the Hey-let's-focus-on-school-and-teenagers X-Men spinoff, Generation X. Jubilee had a lot going on in the 90s, which is when I was reading Marvel comics at least fairly regularly.

The Marvel Universe version of Jubilee represents her modern costume, which retains two of the main aspects of her look: the shades and the ridiculous yellow overcoat. I'm not sure what teenager would ever think that is cool, but it actually does look pretty good with the black bodysuit underneath. Unfortunately, this isn't one of the better Marvel Universe figures. The paint on her face isn't great, and her eyes are kind of looking in different directions. Also, her leg articulation is hindered by her overcoat, and her leg was warped straight out of the packaging. A stand would definitely have been a welcome inclusion for Jubilee. On the plus side, she actually includes an accessory! It's a purple energy blast to represent her mutant power of explosive blasts of light. If I remember correctly, the sound effect associated with the use of her power was "paf." It's a substantial enough piece of plastic to throw her off balance, as she's a fairly lightweight figure. Oddly, she has an extra hinge joint in her neck, so her head can look up or down.

I was surprised to find out a while back that Jubilee has become a vampire in the comics, some time after the mass de-powering of mutants. At first I thought it was weird that there were vampires in Marvel comics, but of course there are. Blade and Dracula are straight from the pages of the comics, as well as Morbius. Going from mutant to vampire is probably something that wouldn't happen to one of the bigger name characters, but at least it shows that Jubilee is important enough to have some sort of ongoing storyline.

Generation X reunion. In which nobody is in the same scale as anyone else. Okay, I know Blink was never officially in Gen X, and this figure is from an alternate universe, but she was introduced (and killed off) in the crossover leading to the creation of Generation X. Chamber is the oldest figure pictured, and shows it with only four points of articulation. He does have a neat action figure where his chest lights up when you pull a string on his back. Sporting increased articulation, and better proportions, Blink was released a couple years later. There was a Jubilee figure from the Generation X line, but I never had that one.

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