Saturday, May 25, 2013

#31: DC Universe Signature Collection - The Flash

What does the Universe have against Wally West? When Mattel made a Flash figure for DCUC, it was Barry Allen, because of 80s nostalgia (as far as I know). Then the DC universe gets rebooted into the New 52, and Wally West doesn't even exist any more. So of course when Mattel put out another Flash figure at retail, it is the New 52 Barry Allen version. So of course when Mattel got around to making Wally as the Flash (they did at least make a figure of him as Kid Flash for DCUC) it was as a Mattycollector exclusive. Fortunately, it was apparently a slow month, as I was able to order Wally from the website with no delay or any hint of the white screen of death. It was apparently such a slow month for the site that none of the figures available sold out for a couple days. Oddly, there was a four dollar discount on shipping, so yay.

One of the most striking differences for Wally's figure is that he is a lot shinier than the previous Flash figure. Rather than yellow, his costume accents are gold. He gets a newly sculpted head as well as new lower legs, as his boot tops don't have the wings on them. These new lower legs are longer, making him taller (also Barry has an oddly misshapen head). There aren't any accessories (not even a stand), but the Flash doesn't really need them. Overall, good figure. It's just too bad that Mattel never released him in a retail line, so anybody that wanted one had to lay out the extra cash because it was an online exclusive.


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  1. Am more of a Barry fan than one of Wally's but still you would think he would get more love from the DCU.


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