Saturday, September 14, 2013

#63: LEGO Minifigures series 11 - Holiday Elf

After I bought the other figures from series 11, the next time I checked, the display was empty. It stayed that way for a while. When they finally restocked, I was looking for a couple to pick up for someone else, and while I was at it decided to pick up the Holiday Elf for myself. I've already got the Santa Claus from a previous series, so I figured it would go well with that. The elf has a couple accessories, a teddy bear, and a wrapped gift. The gift is a two by two brick with a flat cap that has a bow printed on it that goes on top. His ears are attached to his hat, which is a piece I haven't seen before.

Finding the elf by feel is pretty easy. He's the only minifigure that includes a two by two brick. Also, it's the only one with the unarticulated short legs. So if you feel for the legs, and they won't bend, you've found the holiday elf. Here's the bump code, with the batch number 218B3 stamped into the package.

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