Thursday, September 26, 2013

#65: Star Wars The Black Series - Sandtrooper

I have to say, I'm pretty surprised that Hasbro went with the Sandtrooper rather than the more iconic Stormtrooper for its first wave. It's good that they're not using all the most iconic characters at first, as it allows them to be more spread out. Judging by how fast these figures seem to be moving from shelves, Hasbro should be able to make enough to get to all the important characters. Like Darth Maul, the Sandtrooper has double elbows and knees, although the armor pieces are a little more restrictive of movement. He's got three guns for accessories, the standard Imperial blaster pictured above, and two rifles as seen below. The backpack and shoulder pauldron can be removed, leaving you with a very dirty Stormtrooper (although not entirely accurate, as there are some small differences in the armor). My only real complaint about the Sandtrooper is about its dirtiness. The helmet is just a little too dirty, so it doesn't quite match the rest of the armor. Presumably this sort of thing varies from figure to figure, but finding multiples to compare might not be very likely.

One of his other guns, what I think of as the Sandtrooper rifle.

Through the years.

I don't have a Dewback, so here's Panthor. Also, the Sandtrooper's final rifle.

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