Friday, June 26, 2015

#33: Transformers Combiner Wars - Ultra Magnus

I've been waiting for a G1-styled Ultra Magnus for a while now. I was even considering the Masterpiece version, but then Hasbro came out with this new leader class version. I have the classics Ultra Magnus from a few years ago, but it's just a white Optimus Prime repaint, lacking the giant armor that really makes Ultra Magnus stand out. Fortunately, Hasbro has been going to the well of the current comics for release inspiration, even if this is a weirder version of Ultra Magnus than I'm used to. I don't read the comics, but going by the scant information on the packaging bio, it sounds like Ultra Magnus himself is dead, and this other Autobot is using his body like a mecha suit? Whatever is going on, it means I finally get a cool Ultra Magnus, so I'm okay with that. As a robot, Ultra Magnus is very cool looking and has decent articulation. He has a giant hammer that can also split into a couple cannons. Minimus Ambus is also included, and is one of the smallest Transformers figures.

See, Minimus Ambus fits inside the chest of Ultra Magnus. In vehicle mode, that's the cab of the truck. Minimus won't fit there in vehicle mode because Ultra Magnus's head goes there.

Ultra Magnus's vehicle mode is his original car carrier. He stays in one piece during the entire transformation process, aside from the piece that form the hammer for robot mode. So, good engineering job there. Minimus Ambus turns into a hover car. It doesn't have wheels, so I'm going with hover car. The back of Ultra Magnus's trailer can fold down into a ramp, and there is room for a few cars back there.

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  1. Wow he looks pretty cool, and the Minimus guy adds a neat new twist.


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