Saturday, June 27, 2015

#34: Marvel Select - Hulkbuster

So hey, this is my first Marvel Select figure. When I saw the promo pictures, it just looked too cool to pass up. And hey, it'll be way cheaper than getting the Marvel Legends build-a-figure version. Which I'll probably get anyway, because I'm a sucker. Plus, there was a free shipping offer from the Marvel shop online, so I pre-ordered it. Originally scheduled to ship in early July, it came out a bit earlier than that. Marvel Select is generally held as being higher quality than Marvel Legends, and the heft of Hulkbuster is an immediate indication of this difference. This is a solid figure, while a similarly sized one by Hasbro would be noticeably lighter weight. Marvel Select figures are also in a somewhat larger scale, and Hulkbuster is pretty tall. Probably a good 8 or 9 inches. Some of the joints are hard to move, but that is probably a good thing with such a heavy figure. One of the neat things is that the shoulder pads are on ball joints, so they can be positioned pretty easily. There are no accessories, Tony is ready to smash without any assistance.

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