Friday, January 2, 2009

#1: Transformers Universe Hound with Ravage

My first toy of the year! I picked this up yesterday at the Vacaville Wal-Mart. When it comes to Transformers, I'm the sort of fan that appreciates G1 characters, as I grew up on the original cartoon and toyline. I have no particular feelings on Hound as a character one way or the other, so I am glad that the toy version of him is good. He's got a nice look, poses well, and the transformation isn't annoying.

The main reason I picked up Hound was for the included Ravage figure. I never had the Soundwave and accompanying Ravage figure as a kid, but I was always fascinated that he turned into a microcassette tape. This is actually my fourth Ravage (including Alternators Ravage, Robot Heroes Ravage, and the reissued Ravage that came with Soundwave), and I rather like it. It even turns into a microcassette tape! Aesthetically, I think I prefer the original Ravage, but this improves on it by having enough width that it won't fall over so easily.


  1. I will have to find that one for sure!

  2. Hi thr...

    Is this the HASBRO Universe version? Ever considered any of the HENKEI (Takara TOMY) versions, dude? Nice reviews btw, simple and straight to the point, heheh!

  3. That is the Hasbro version. Generally the difference in quality hasn't been enough to compensate for the higher prices of the Japanese versions for me. That Masterpiece Grimlock may just tempt me enough, though. I'm glad you are enjoying my posts.


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