Monday, January 19, 2009

#4: Star Wars comic pack Lando and Stormtrooper

Finally, Star Wars toys make an appearance! I have more Star Wars toys than anything else, so I'm surprised it took so long. It will even out when I start finding the new waves of figures for the year. I visited a couple Targets this weekend, and they had figures from the new Saga Legends wave, but neither of the figures that I actually want. Frustrating! I didn't realize until I was paying, but this was on clearance. Bonus!
Anyway, on to the toys at hand. Since these two figures came as a set, I am counting them as one toy for blogging purposes. This is one of the comic packs, and the issue it comes with is a reproduction of the Marvel Star Wars series, issue #44 which is an adaptation of the last part of Empire Strikes Back. The thing about these comic packs, for the Marvel series anyway, is that the figures reproduce, or attempt to reproduce, the funky coloring that comics back in the 70s and 80s had. Fortunately, Lando comes out unscathed, but the Stormtrooper has blue arms and a blue belt. It could have been worse. These are both good figures. I'm glad to finally have a modern Lando, although I wish he had proper elbow articulation rather than swivels. With the Stormie's funky coloring, I'm just pretending it's some sort of unit or rank marking like some clone troopers have.

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