Wednesday, January 14, 2009

#2 Transformers Animated Swindle

Fred Willard! His voice talent, anyway. I really like the Animated toys, more than the "realistic" Universe line, even. To start with, Transformers Animated is a great show, the characters are all memorable, and the designs are interesting. The toys do a good job of capturing the look of their onscreen counterparts while still functioning well as transforming toys.
Anyway, Swindle here is another good Transformer. His vehicle mode is an SUV with a big gun on the top. It's removable if he needs to be more discreet. He's got a fun design, mixing an Optimus Prime chest with a Megatron style arm cannon. My only complaint is that he's so small due to being a deluxe class toy. That is understandable, given that he was in only one episode, so they have more important characters in the voyager class. But hey, he's voiced by Fred Willard, which I think is great.

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