Wednesday, January 21, 2009

#5: Transformers Universe Dinobot

My first Beast Wars toy! Even though I loved Mainframe's Reboot, I never watched Beast Wars while it was on TV. By the time I did get into the show, it was too late for any of the toys. Well, there was that Optimus Primal, but I passed on picking one up. When I heard that there was an upcoming Cheetor and Dinobot, I was looking forward to picking both of them up. After seeing pictures, I wasn't so keen on the Cheetor.

I think Dinobot turned out well, although I wish they had recessed his head a little deeper into his chest cavity. Oh well! His little raptor arms end up on his back in bot mode, so he can scratch all those hard to reach itches without a back scratcher. That is the true beauty of having an organic alt form. One neat feature on Dinobot is that you can choose whether to display a Predacon or Maximal symbol on his chest.

I'd better watch out that he doesn't go around challenging my other toys to duels of honor.

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