Saturday, January 31, 2009

#8 Star Wars The Clone Wars IG-86

If you only buy one recently released IG series droid, buy this one! A few months ago, I bought the IG Lancing Droid. I mostly bought it for the droid piece it came with, which I needed to complete the R4 unit. The Lancing Droid itself was a disappointment, as it could barely hold its weapons, and its arms come out easily. By contrast, this IG-86 is great. It looks cool, and is well articulated. I think its animated stylization is minimal, so it would not look out of place among regular Star Wars figures. The guns can be clipped onto the back via a harness, which I find to be a surprisingly cool feature. IG-86 is probably one of the best figures from The Clone Wars, I definitely recommend picking one up.

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