Monday, April 5, 2010

#33: DC Universe Classics vs Masters of the Universe Classics Superman and He-Man

Thanks to James, I was able to get my hands on one of the Toys R Us exclusive DCUC vs MOTUC two packs. The other is Lex Luthor and Skeletor, which I was a bit more excited to get, so I am looking forward to getting my hands on it in the future. I'm really glad they made these sets, because it means I can get some He-Man figures without having to deal with the monthly clusterfuck at Also, these are cheaper: 30 bucks for two figures, which is about what one figure costs when you buy from Mattycollector. If they weren't so expensive and hard to get, I would definitely be collecting this line since I was really into He-Man as a kid.

The only Superman I have is the Public Enemies version, which has a more stylized look, so it's different enough that I don't mind getting this version as well. It's a good basic version of the big blue boy scout: no mullet and no glowing eyes, and that's what I like. Unlike my other Superman figure, this has sculpted boot tops, and the "S" shield on the cape, so I'd call this an upgrade.

One of the first things I noticed about He-Man is how much bigger he is than Superman. They're about the same height, but he makes Superman look like a skinny little wimp. I figure the ridiculously over muscled look is true to He-Man, so it's nothing to complain about, but it just looks odd juxtaposed with the DCUC figures. Also, he has some funny coloration and doesn't come with a sword. Those details are straight from the comic, so they're not really something to complain about either. To get a He-Man with a sword, you'd have to go with one of the Mattycollector releases. I can deal with him not having a sword. Really my only complaint is that his left ankle is pretty week, so I have to be careful when standing him up. It hasn't caused him to fall over yet, but we'll see if it comes into play during the Summer. Otherwise, it's a really cool figure. In fact, it just reinforces my annoyance with the way Mattel is running this line. I can understand that they are reluctant to have the line at retail because there's no current cartoon or movie to help promote it. I think they have been too cautious with the line's production numbers. If they made more, so that everyone that wanted to could get their hands on these figures, they might even be able to sell them for less. That would solve my two problems with the line, and I'd have bought a few of them by now. Alas, that's less money for them out of my pocket, so for now they will be content with their five minute sell outs. I hope they put these out to retail at some point, because I would definitely buy more of them.


  1. OMG! I want these Toys R Us exclusive DCUC vs MOTUC two packs!!

  2. Wait, you WANTED Lex Luthor & Skeletor? I thought you said you could pass on that. Because I saw those too.

  3. D'oh. Yeah, I definitely want the other set too.


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