Tuesday, April 13, 2010

#35: Star Wars Legacy Collection YVH-1

The YVH-1 is another build a droid, one that I specifically wanted to complete because I think it is a cool droid. The YVH is from the expanded universe, during the New Jedi Order era twenty something years after the movies. That's the whole Yuuzhan Vong thing. So as you may guess, YVH stands for Yuuzhan Vong Hunter. The cool thing about them is that they were created by Lando. Well, not Lando personally, but by his company. Supposedly, they were designed to look like the Yuuzhan Vong in order to mock them, but it turns out that they kind of look a lot like Terminators. So I dig that. It makes for a cool look, the Star Wars style Terminator. The bright yellow photoreceptors are a cool touch, they really stand out with all the rest of the droid being shades of grey.

This droid was part of the Revenge of the Sith wave, of which I got four of the figures, leaving me without an arm and a leg. I got the leg from the Stormtrooper a while back, but the arm was a different story. It didn't come with any figures I wanted and could find, so I got it by itself from Ebay, which is a first for me. Previously I have acquired all of my droid pieces by getting the figures they were packaged with. I think it's a pretty cool droid that probably won't see any other release, now that Build A Droid is basically done with. I'd say it's worth looking into if you're interested.

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