Thursday, April 15, 2010

#37: Iron Man 2 movie series Iron Man Mark V

I think I said something along the lines of me being done with collecting Iron Man 2 figures until the next wave, but I was wrong. As seen in the trailer, the Mark V is Tony Stark's portable suit of armor which is stored in a suitcase. Due to its folding design, it looks distinct from the various other suits he has worn. Since I'm skipping the Marks III and IV from this line due to being too similar to the Mark VI, I wanted to get the Mark V because it is so distinct. Also, the idea of carrying around a spare suit of armor in a suitcase seems pretty cool. Naturally, the suitcase is included here as an accessory. In toy form, it does double duty as a missile launcher, with two missiles. It's kind of ridiculous. There is also an extra left hand so that Tony can hold the case. With that, I really mean it this time when I say no more Iron Man 2 figures until the next wave shows up.


  1. How much would a suitcase full of Iron Man weigh? Not to mention the missile launchers.

    Oh, and told you so! :^P


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