Friday, April 23, 2010


During my last visit home, I decided to dig out the crate with all my old He-Man stuff in it. I'm sure that I had more figures when I was a kid than are in that crate, but it is still a lot of old toys. Due to the recent release of Battle Cat in Mattel's MOTUC line, what most interested me was Panthor here. I never had Battle Cat, but I can dig a fuzzy purple cat. Figures may be the meat of most toy lines, but vehicles and playsets can enhance a line considerably. The He-Man line was one of those that was well served by its selection of toys that weren't figures. As far as vehicles go, giant cats your figures can ride into battle are pretty badass.

I dusted it off as well as I could without using water, for fear of messing up the flocking. Aside from that, and some of the paint being chipped, I'd say Panthor's in pretty decent shape. When Mattel releases a new version of Panthor (you know they will, it's just a matter of time), I might be interested in picking it up. If I can. I'm kind of curious how much Panthor originally cost, relative to the figures. It's pretty simple, with no articulation, and as far as I know, the saddle is the only accessory it came with.

So far, I don't have a newer version of Skeletor, although I do have the 200x version. Due to its somewhat limited articulation, it can't sit on Panthor's saddle. But, He-Man can! Due to some ankle issues, He-Man has difficulty standing up for any useful amount of time. So unless I get a Battle Cat, he'll remain perched atop Panthor. Or maybe I'll figure out a good way to get him standing, hopefully one that doesn't involve gluing his feet into position.


  1. You know what, dude? I say just glue the one ankle. That way, he'll be able to stand, and you won't limit his posing too much because the other ankle will still flex.

  2. I too only had Panthor as a kid. I do have the 200x version of him as well. I don't know if I'll be able to resist the MOTUC version when he comes around.


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