Tuesday, May 4, 2010

#40: Star Wars Legacy Collection Willrow Hood

Today is Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you! I went to Target today, and thought that picking him up would be a nice way to commemorate the day.

Willrow Hood, better known as the ice cream maker guy, is a testament to just how deep the Star Wars line of figures is. Some might think it's a bad thing that Hasbro is willing to make figures based on characters so obscure, but I think it's great that they've been able to go into such depth with character selection. I'd rather have all sorts of random, obscure characters than endless variations of the main characters, like "beach time fun Darth Vader" or something like that. Of course, there are obscure characters, and then there are obscure characters like Willrow Hood here. He appears onscreen very briefly during Empire, running through a hallway carrying an odd piece of equipment. Apparently it looks like some sort of ice cream maker, which is how he got his nickname. The official story here is that he was a rebel agent, and he was taking a computer memory core with him, but whatever. He's Ice Cream Maker Guy.

One of the cool things about this figure is that there was a sizable online campaign by fans to get a figure made of the character despite resistance from the powers that be on Hasbro's Star Wars team. I suspect it initially was some sort of joke, but it grew from there, and now we have a figure of one of the most obscure characters in a line with a lot of obscure characters. The figure itself is up to the standards of any other super articulated Star Wars figure, and is probably the only one with a potbelly. Naturally, the ice cream maker is included, and in a neat touch, the rebel insignia is carved on the bottom. He also has a blaster, because kids like their figures to be action oriented!

Willrow Hood watches his moment of cinematic triumph.

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