Thursday, May 6, 2010

#41: Star Wars Legacy Collection The Force Unleashed Figure Pack (1 of 2)

When The Force Unleashed came out a couple years ago, most of the figures based on it had been in and out of stores months beforehand, thanks to the game itself being delayed. Fortunately, I was able to get all of them, because it was one of the few times I ordered an entire case of figures to make sure I got all of them. The game itself turned out to be cool, if a bit repetitive in its gameplay. But when that gameplay involves zapping Stormtroopers with Force lightning and hacking at them with a lightsaber, it's not too bad. Of course, there were plenty more figures to be made from the game, and eventually we got two multipacks that are exclusive to Toys R Us. Both sets follow a similar format of : a trooper made up for the game, a companion, Starkiller in a different costume, a non-Imperial enemy from the game, and a shadow Stormtrooper.

The Imperial EVO trooper was one of the figures from the first assortment of TFU figures, and this version is a repaint. It's supposed to be a trooper with armor designed to withstand extreme conditions, so it's basically a Stormtrooper's cousin. I'm not sure what tan camo on white armor is good for, maybe a desert. But it's a cool figure, with too many guns. It has the big flechette cannon and twin blasters with nowhere to store them.

There was also a Juno Eclipse figure the first time around, but it was dressed in a standard Imperial officer uniform, which she doesn't really wear in the game. Now this figure corrects that, so she is wearing the outfit she actually spends most of the game in. Somehow, I don't think showing that much cleavage is standard Imperial protocol, but she was answering directly to Vader, so there's probably some leeway. It's nice to have a figure that properly reflects the character's in game appearance. Except that they forgot to paint the back of her hands flesh colored, which they did on the first figure. Maybe I can swap the hands.

Galen Marek, or Vader's secret apprentice, or as I prefer, Starkiller, is the main character of the game. He has a new outfit in every level, so he is readymade for multiple figures. There was already an Evolutions set featuring him, so this is the fourth figure for him. It has been a while since I played the game, but I think this is the outfit he wore on Raxus Prime the first time he visited. Fortunately, the likeness of the face looks better than the previous figures, and I think it's a pretty cool design on the outfit. The big scarf doesn't limit the arm movement too much, so he's not going to be lifting his arms straight up.

Early in the game, you encounter one of the few remaining Jedi, who is attacking an Imperial facility with his own personal militia. This figure is one of the militia's elite, and is most interesting to me for his design which points towards future rebel alliance soldiers. It's actually a cooler figure than I was expecting. Unfortunately, the pieces or armor on his shoulder are easily removable, and I accidentally lost one while I was removing the figure from its packaging. It's a tiny piece of plastic and I have not had any luck in locating it yet, but I hope it turns up.

The final figure for the set is a shadow Stormtrooper. In the game, they have personal cloaking devices and shields, so they are a little more annoying to fight than the standard Stormie. This figure is presumably cloaked, so it is cast in mostly clear plastic, with some highlights painted on. It's similar to the holographic figures that are cast in blue plastic, but this is the first time I know of that a Stormtrooper has been given the clear treatment. It's pretty cool, and makes for a different trooper. It's the now standard Stormtrooper body with a non-removable helmet, so you know it is quality.

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