Sunday, May 23, 2010

#45: G.I. Joe The Rise of Cobra Destro

I was at Target the other day, and they had their G.I. Joe movie figures on clearance (again), so I was looking through them in vain hopes of something interesting showing up. It was a bunch of Destros, Baronesses, Neo-Vipers, and Dukes, just like it has been for a while now. As I was looking at Destro, it struck me that he is an oddity in that while it is ostensibly a film version of Destro, this figure does not reflect his appearance at any point during the movie. I already have the movie accurate version (the SDCC exclusive from last year), but I think this existentially questionable Destro is pretty cool too.

The way his head is painted, it looks like a person wearing a mask, which is what I think we were all expecting him to be in the movie. A deliberate campaign of misinformation on Hasbro's part? I can't say. It seems more likely that they worried a dude in a suit wouldn't be a good seller, so they came up with something else for the main antagonist of the movie. The design is pretty cool, he looks both well dressed and ready for action. Also, he's wearing jodhpurs, which lets you know he's evil. Seriously, who wears jodhpurs except for villains these days? I think this Destro would make a good base for customizing a Red Skull, if one were so inclined. He's also well armed, as befits a successful arms dealer of Destro's stature. He's got one big gun that splits into two guns which can attach to the side of his thighs, as well as another gun that can attach the same way, and a pistol that fits in his chest holster. And the ridiculously oversized projectile launcher that I think is supposed to be a flamethrower.

This version of Destro may not reflect his actual appearance in the movie, but it is a cool version of Destro. He was an even better value since I got him cheap.

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