Monday, May 10, 2010

#42: Star Wars Legacy Collection The Force Unleashed Figure Pack (2 of 2)

I got the first set, so of course I had to get the second set. It didn't hurt that they split up the characters I wanted into both sets, which I am sure was intentional. Fortunately, Toys R Us was doing a buy one, get the second 1/2 off sale for Star Wars toys at the time, so I was able to save some money.

The jumptrooper is another repaint from the original round of Force Unleashed figures, and it fixes a glaring flaw in the original. See, these guys have rocket packs, and in the game they fly around making nuisances of themselves. But the first figure had no rocket pack. This new version corrects that omission with a detachable Fett style rocket pack. Otherwise, it's a pretty cool figure, and an interesting variation on Stormtrooper armor.

The version of Starkiller in this set is from the Bespin level, and he's wearing some Mandalorian armor. Although he doesn't have a helmet in the game, it is included here. I'm not sure if the torso and legs are new sculpts, but the arms are definitely reused. The hands are clearly meant to be gloves, as they have cloth wrinkles sculpted on, but they are painted as bare flesh here. It's not something you would notice without looking closely, so it's not too big a deal. Wow, he looks short.

Probably the main selling point for this set is PROXY, Starkiller's training droid. He was one of the main characters that didn't receive a figure during the first wave of Force Unleashed figures, so his inclusion here is something I've been looking forward to. He turned out pretty well, and does a good job of reflecting his appearance in the game.

The Felucian warrior is another repaint, of the figure that came with the Felucian rancor originally. I already have that, so it's nothing too exciting. The color scheme here does match the war paint on the rancor better, though. The Felucians are really weird looking, so it makes for an interesting alien figure.

Hey, it's another shadow Stormtrooper, just like the one in the other set. In the preview images that showed up before these sets were actually on sale, it looked as if the shadow Stormies would be different from each other, one with more color to it, and one more clear. But hey, I like it, so I don't mind that they are both the same.

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