Tuesday, May 25, 2010

#46: The Dark Knight Two-Face

Remember a couple years ago when The Dark Knight came out? Remember how there was a five inch line, and a more collector oriented line of six inch figures? They are still putting out figures for that line, and so we finally get Two-Face! The more recent figures were going to be a Mattycollector.com exclusive, but ended up being a shared exclusive with Toys R Us. I happened to have the day off on Matty's May sale date, so I decided to order a Two-Face, figuring it wouldn't sell out instantly, like the MOTUC figures. It took five minutes of the dreaded reload screen before I could add the figure to my cart, then a few more before I could complete the checkout. But I got the figure I wanted, so I was happy. Then I realized that the Toys R Us website was also selling Two-Face. For less (and they don't gouge customers on shipping as much as Matty does). So I quickly ordered one from Toys R Us and sent Matty an e-mail request to cancel my order. Fortunately it got through in time to stop my order before it had shipped. I've heard horror stories about customer service with the company that handles Matty's sales, but my experience was good at least.

The figure itself is pretty okay. The facial likeness isn't perfect, but it's there. Alas, there is a misassembled part. The lower part of the right bicep is on backwards. Because of this, his arm won't bend as far forward as the other one will, but it's not something that is too easily noticeable unless you're really looking. You can tell by looking because the arm doesn't line up right, and the seam on the sleeve is on the wrong side. It may be something that can be fixed, but I'm not sure if I want to mess around with popping limbs apart. Ideally, he would include a gun and a coin, but he doesn't have any accessories in his own scale. Instead, we get this:

A life-sized double sided coin, just like Harvey's in the movie. This is a pretty cool pack in. The Two-Face figure for Batman Forever came with a similar coin, but this one is much cooler looking. This has been appropriately weathered so that it looks like it has been through a lot. Unfortunately, some of the weathering on the defaced side is starting to peel off, you can see the big bright spot on the picture. Other than that, it's cool.

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  1. Cool figure! I'd probably pick him up sooner or later.

    I too, was a victim of matty's (or rather Digital River's) competence....i cancelled one my orders a couple of months ago...the system captured my order TWICE..so I immediately emailed them to cancel one of it...only to receive a responsed TWO frickin days later saying that the order has been put thru.....*sigh*


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