Saturday, May 15, 2010

Zartan Zaturday!

Today is Zartan Zaturday, by decree of Bubbashelby, webmaster of Toyriffic!

Zartan is of course everybody's favorite swamp dwelling Aussie mercenary biker gang leader. Okay, probably the only one. Here's a zany Zartan anecdote for you: when I was a kid, although the facial markings are more Alice Cooper, Zartan reminded me of Ozzy Osbourne. Due to the animation of the cartoon, I always thought his hood looked like hair, and I was too young to appreciate the finer distinctions between an Australian accent and Ozzy's mumbling English accent. I'm not sure how I even knew about Ozzy when I was so young, but it was probably from watching MTV. This was when they would only show music videos.

Anyway. I never had a Zartan figure as a kid, but I have one from the recent retro-tastic G.I. Joe line that the movie line has replaced. So here's Zartan doing what he does best, infiltrating the enemy through his mastery of clever disguise.

"Nice abs Duke, have you been working out?"

"Snake Eyes, it is me, your sworn enemy Storm Shadow! Now we must fight to the death!"


"TK-421, aren't you a little tall for a Stormtrooper?"

"Execute Order 66."

"Aw, crap."

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(Zartan Zaturday graphic by Shawn of Branded In The 80s)


  1. Awezome! I waz wondering if anyone would go the "dizguize" route beyond hiz uzual mazks, and you did zo zplendidly!

  2. I wonder how many kids used to have doubles of figures and would then pretend that one of them was Zartan in a perfect disguise...


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