Friday, September 24, 2010

#100: Star Wars Vintage Collection Rocket-Firing Boba Fett

And here he is, the Boba Fett that can fire a rocket from his back. With his odd coloration and minimal articulation, he is very old school. This version comes with two different rockets. One can actually be fired, but it has that long tail to it, so if you leave it in his backpack it doesn't look so good. The other one is shorter and looks good, but doesn't fire. He does indeed come with an old school Stormtrooper blaster. Unfortunately, his hands aren't sculpted to hold it very well, so I used one of the clear rubber bands to keep it in place. Even though this is a mail-away figure, the card has a proof of purchase on the back. I suppose that means if you're crazy, you could send away for a Boba Fett using nothing but proofs of purchase from mail-away Boba Fett figures. You'd have to buy a lot of figures for that, since it takes five proofs of purchase to get one Boba Fett. I hope Hasbro keeps up the cool retro theme for its mail-away offers, this has been one of the better offers.

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