Sunday, September 19, 2010

#96: Star Wars Vintage Collection Magnaguard

The last time the released a movie version of the magnaguard was when Revenge of the Sith was in theaters. I have that one, and it's not very great. It's not very well articulated, especially on the lower half, where the hips are the only articulation for the legs. Also the cape is plastic, which limits the movement of the right arm, and the weapon is deactivated, missing the purple energy beams. Since then, there has been an animated version, which I skipped. Five years after the original version, the Vintage toy is a huge improvement. The legs are fully articulated this time around, as is the torso. The electrostaff has the purple energy beams, which are removable. A blaster is also included, although I don't think I ever saw one of the magnaguards use one. The cape is soft goods, so it doesn't limit the movement of the arm, although it is kind of hard to get it to hang in the right way. I'd still take it over the plastic one. This is probably the best version of the magnaguard that Hasbro is going to be make, and will go well with the new Grievous (which I haven't found yet). You don't expect your Grievous to fight all his fights for himself, do you?

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