Monday, September 6, 2010

#86: G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra Dusty

As a kid, I had the original Dusty figure. The little flap hanging out of the back of his helmet really set him apart for me. Since he was one of my favorites, I hoped to get a new version of him during the 25th Anniversary Collection, but they only released him in one of the DVD battle packs that I never saw in stores. Now with the new Pursuit of Cobra line, I'm able to add a modern Dusty to my collection. He may not have the flap of cloth hanging from his helmet, but this is still a very cool upgrade. Although the trend seems to be towards a ridiculous amount of accessories for the Joe figures these days, Dusty has a reasonable amount. He's got two guns, an extra head, a stand, and a coil of barbed wire. The bio on the back of the card mentions Dusty making barbed wire traps, so it's not totally random. Also, his helmet and goggles are both removable. Hasbro is doing a great job with the Pursuit of Cobra figures, and Dusty is no exception.

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