Monday, August 30, 2010

#85: DC Universe Classics Flash

Similar to Marvel Universe's sorry state of representation at my local Target, for the past few months the DCUC figures have been represented by a few Ted Kord Blue Beetle figures. On my recent visit, I was pleasantly surprised that there were finally some new DCUC figures on the shelf: the All Star wave. Consisting of re-packs, it's a nice opportunity to pick up some classic characters you may have missed. I had been thinking of picking up a Flash figure a few months ago when they were on the shelf, but they all had distractingly bad paint errors on the face. So I skipped them. I'm glad the people in charge of DCUC are such big suckers for the classic DC Super Powers line from the 80s, because that means we get a Barry Allen Flash (I'm sure Wally West will be released eventually), which is the Flash figure I had as a kid. Still have it, actually. This is one of the DCUC figures where the reuse of the some sculpt doesn't really matter since there is very little on Flash's costume that needs any sculpted detail. And those parts that do need new sculpting get it, so his head and boot tops are both new. My only complaint is that the little wing on the left side of his head was a little bent from the packaging. Oh, and since it's from the newer waves of DCUC, a pin is included. In this case, the image is from the cover of the first issue of the Justice League of America comic, featuring Flash playing chess with Despero.

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