Wednesday, August 4, 2010

#67: Star Wars Vintage Collection AT-AT Commander

It's nice when Hasbro releases figures at the same time as their respective vehicles, as it makes it easier to have those vehicles piloted when you buy them. Or, they could just start including figures with vehicles, but they only do that for the more expensive toys, or the very small vehicles. Want a pilot for your TIE Fighter? You may be out of luck. Anyway. The big thing in the Star Wars toy world right now is the first all new AT-AT in a long time. It does include a driver, but he's going to need someone to boss him around, which is where the AT-AT Commander comes in.

So now I'll have someone to command my AT-AT. Since they went with the vintage name, I'm not sure if this is supposed to be General Veers, but it doesn't really look like him, so I'm going to just assume he was commanding another AT-AT. The helmet and goggles are both removable, and separate pieces. Unfortunately, the goggles don't fit over the top of the helmet, so there isn't that display option. Hm, pictures on the internet show the figure with that configuration, so perhaps there is some more stretching in order. I'd be worried about snapping the goggles, though. The commander has a holster which works perfectly for his standard Imperial blaster. The Stormtroopers could sure learn a thing or two from him!


  1. Nice, I didn't realize he was that configurable. I think I would cut the straps off of the goggles and cement them to the front of the helmet, since that is the only way I like to see those helmets.

  2. Dude, if you show a picture of the Giant AT-AT I'm going to lose it : )

    I have to wait till September for any additional toy purchases, but when September rolls around I'm going to try to swing a AT-AT and few of the "Vintage" figures!

    I'm with you on the release of vehicle appropriate figures as well. So have you sent away for your rocket firing Boba Fett yet?

  3. @chunky B: You mean a picture LIKE THIS?

    I'm sending away for Boba Fett tomorrow. I sent you an e-mail about getting some UPCs to you.

  4. Oh you dog : )

    I expect a full review now. I can imagine the army you have to fill that thing!

    I received your email and will respond shortly. Can't wait to see the AT-AT in action.


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