Friday, August 27, 2010

#82: Star Wars Clone Wars Mandalorian Speeder with Mandalorian Warrior

So before I found out that there would be a battle pack full of Mandalorian Warriors, I ordered this from Hasbro's webshop. I must admit, I wish I had waited, because I'm kind of disappointed. This is the price point of about 15-16 dollars, so for a few dollars more I could have had 4 figures. I do think this set is overpriced. The figure is pretty cool (and his jetpack actually stays in well!), although his right wrist is stuck even after a little freezer time. The speeder is pretty lightweight and not all that exciting. It's hardly iconic, and seems small. The kickstand is retractable, and there is a gun that pops out from the bottom. There are also a couple of strings with manacles at the end that are stored in the back area, so you can drag your other figures along behind the speeder if you feel like being a jerk to them. If this had only cost 10 dollars, I wouldn't have minded as much, and I'd probably like it better. I'd say it's worth skipping unless you're a completist. If you want Mando warriors wait for the upcoming battle pack.

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