Monday, August 16, 2010

#72: Star Wars Clone Wars Pre Viszla

During the second season of The Clone Wars, there was a story line centering on Mandalore's position in the ongoing conflict. Finally, we got to see some non-Fett Mandalorians in action onscreen! Of course, its depiction of Mandalorians as pacifists contradicted the depiction of Mandalorian culture in some books I've never read. Since I've never read them, I don't really care about that. Of course, not all the Mandalorians were pacifists, there is a renegade group called Death Watch that wishes to return Mandalore culture to its warrior ways. Pre Viszla here is their leader.

It's not often we get a new Mando character, and this was the first for the animated line, so I was ready to get one of these the moment it was announced. Mostly, he doesn't disappoint. For one, his hands are a little too loose to hold his weapons well, but the little clear rubber bands help fix that. The rocket pack likes to fall out if you barely brush it. The hips aren't the regular swivel joints, they rotate out at an angle, so it is a little harder to get him to stand. Otherwise, it's a cool figure. The helmet is removable, as is his side cape thing. He comes with two blasters (they can both fit into the holsters on his legs) as well as a "darksaber" which he uses in the cartoon. It's sort of like a lightsaber, but it's got a black blade that glows white. The toy is made of slightly translucent black plastic, in an attempt to match its onscreen appearance. Pre Viszla was voiced by Jon Favreau, so if you want an action figure based on a character he's played, it's either this or one of the Iron Man Minimates.

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