Saturday, August 28, 2010

#83: Bioshock 2 SDCC '10 exclusive Eleanor Lamb

NECA has a nice way of handling sales of their SDCC exclusives online. Instead of handling it themselves, they are for sale on Amazon. Since I am digging this line, and it's a variant of a figure I don't have, I decided to pick up the Eleanor Lamb figure. Based on the Big Sister figure, but with a new head and lacking some armor and air tanks, the Eleanor figure is based on the sequence near the end of the game in which she dons the Little Sister armor to fight alongside Subject Delta.

The first thing I noticed about Eleanor's figure is how tall she is. She's taller than the Big Daddy, and even taller than the splicer. Maybe Little Sisters just grow up tall due to the side effects from the Adam slugs implanted in their bellies. Like other NECA figures, the sculpt and paint jobs are great, and she is well articulated, but not super articulated. Befitting someone that's been living under the ocean, her face has quite a deathly pallor.

Also included is a "saved" Little Sister, who has been restored to being a regular little girl. She comes with the Subject Delta doll that was included in the Eleanor Lamb/Little Sister two pack I got a couple months ago.

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