Sunday, August 8, 2010

#71: Star Wars Clone Wars Captain Rex

Like the Saga Legends line, the Clone Wars line also now has the battle game, so the figures include a stand, die, and character card.

This version of Captain Rex showed up in one of the first season episodes, which primarily took place on a frozen, icy planet. As soon as I saw Rex and the other troopers in their snow gear, I knew Hasbro would be making figures of them. As I've mentioned before, I love the imperial Snowtroopers, so I'm glad this version of Captain Rex has finally been made. The Clone Wars wave it was first in never showed up, or I completely missed it, but fortunately they re-released this figure. Unfortunately Rex has no ankle articulation, so getting him to stand may be a bit dicey. Other than that, I really dig the figure. The design is really cool, it has strong ties to the design of imperial Snowtroopers, and perhaps bears an even closer resemblance to the concept Snowtrooper figure that was released a few months ago. He has his trusty twin blaster pistols, as well as a blaster rifle, so he is well armed. The top part of his helmet is removable, but it looks funny without it. Fortunately it fits on tightly, so it won't likely just fall off. His backpack (the package calls it a heater pack) is also removable. I hope they get around to doing generic troopers in snow gear as well, but for now this is a cool figure. Now if only they'll re-release that Talz that was in the same wave...


  1. I found one of these, pre dice, on clearance. I thought I was seeing things at first, but there it was. One of my favorite figures from the Clone Wars.

  2. That's crazy! Where did you see it?


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