Wednesday, August 25, 2010

#80: Doctor Who The Eleven Doctors Figure Set

When the Doctor Who toy line was starting out, I thought it would be cool to get all of the Doctors. After I got Ten and Four, they started releasing the older Doctors as expensive exclusive sets so I gave up on that goal. Fortunately Character Options decided to put all 11 Doctors into one set. I have bought sets of figures before, but never one with 11 figures in it. The packaging is pretty cool, they come in a big box that looks like the TARDIS, and there are two flaps on front that open up to provide a view of all the figures in the case. For the most part, all the figures have the same level of articulation, which is pretty standard across the line. Since each Doctor has pretty distinctive clothing, there isn't much, if any, reuse of parts, and the paint tends to be pretty good as well. The face sculpts are pretty spot on as well.

For those of you that aren't familiar with Doctor Who, all these figures are of the same character, who has been played by eleven different actors so far. The Doctor is from an alien race, and so has the ability to regenerate his body into a new one if he is gravely wounded. It's a nice in-universe explanation that allows the same character to be played by multiple actors, which is important when a show has been on for almost 5o years.

From left to right are the First, Second, and Third Doctors. I wasn't sure if there would be any accessories included, but almost all of the figures get one. One has his walking stick, Two has his recorder (with a handkerchief or something tied around its end), and Three has his trusty sonic screwdriver. The Third Doctor marks the beginning of the Doctor's more outlandish taste in clothing, and I dig his dark green coat, so I'm glad it was included here.

As I mentioned earlier, I already have a figure of the Fourth Doctor, but this is a different outfit, so I don't mind. He's the only figure in the set with a hat, although Five and Seven wore hats too sometimes. Four and Five get a sonic screwdriver each, and Seven gets his umbrella. Six is the only figure in the set with no accessories, perhaps the garishness of his outfit is its own accessory. The pink on it looks a little too dark. This picture makes it look like the Doctor spent the 80s getting shorter. I've never seen all the actors lined up like that, but I am guessing their relative heights are true to life.

The four most recent Doctors all get sonic screwdrivers. Eight only made one onscreen appearance, in a failed TV pilot movie here in the US, although he went on to make more appearances in audio plays and books. Because of his odd place in canon, he is probably the Doctor I least expected to be made into a figure, but here he is. Nine and Ten have slightly less articulation than the others, so I suspect they are partially re-uses of older figures, from before the line started including the current levels of articulation on the figures. I also have another figure of Ten, but again, this one is different enough for me to be okay with that. His hair on this version looks really cool, too. They captured the crazy way it sticks up perfectly on this version.

I'm glad they put out this set, because even if they release all the Doctors as single carded figures, getting them in one set is cheaper than buying them all separately. They did a good job of picking representative outfits for those Doctors that had varied wardrobes, so if you get this set, you may not need to buy another Doctor figure until the Doctor has regenerated again.

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  1. Actually Colin Baker should be taller. Much taller.


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