Tuesday, August 24, 2010

#79: Doctor Who Flight Control TARDIS

When you're wandering through space and time, you're going to need some advanced technology, and you can't do much better than a TARDIS. But if the chameleon circuit becomes faulty, you might end up with a much less grandiose appearance for your time and space travelling machine. But, like the Millennium Falcon, it's what's on the inside that counts.

Since the Doctor Who line started, there have been a few different TARDIS toys, but I finally got around to picking one up while placing an order and getting free shipping. This version is the current one, that the 11th Doctor is riding around in. The main thing that sets it apart is the "St John Ambulance" emblem on the door. It was present on the original TARDIS props, but disappeared at some point until the TARDIS repaired itself after the 10th Doctor's regeneration.

It may look like a plain box, but the TARDIS has some fun play features, mainly in the way of lights and sound. It takes AAA batteries, which I had laying around, so fortunately I was able to play around with it. The doors open, and there is a cardboard representation of the TARDIS's control room (it's much larger on the inside, of course) and while the doors are open, it makes ambient engine sounds. There is a button on the bottom that when pressed plays the TARDIS's distinctive materialization sounds. When the button is released, it plays the VWOORP VWOORP VWOORP of the TARDIS taking off. When you shake it, it plays the sounds of the engines in distress. At the bottom there is a small panel to place your finger in, which allows you to spin the TARDIS like a top, and then it plays more engine sounds. The lantern on top flashes whenever sounds are being played. It's also ridiculously loud, I could see some parents being less than pleased with this.

Because it's an import, and has electronics it is somewhat pricier than one might like. But if you only get one Doctor Who toy, the TARDIS would probably be your best bet.

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