Monday, August 23, 2010

#78: Star Wars Vintage Collection C-3PO

I have one C-3PO figure, but it's a very scene specific one based on Return of the Jedi, so there is green goop all over him. I've been meaning to pick up a more neutrally decorated Threepio with decent articulation, and the Vintage version was pretty much what I was looking for. The first thing you might notice is that unlike the standard Threepio figures, this one is more of a metallic gold paint than the vac-metalized versions we're used to seeing. This give him more of a dirty appearance which I like since Goldenrod doesn't usually get as many oil baths as he would probably prefer. Also, he seems to have been downsized from previous versions, as the upcoming R2-D2 will be. Hasbro's been saying that the downsized droids are more accurate to the scale of the costumes in the movies, so that's fine by me.

You can't tell by looking at him in the package, but Threepio does have some accessories in the form of removable pieces of his plating. His face, chest, right thigh, and back panel are all removable. I'm not sure if they've made a Threepio with that feature before, but it seems likely. Either way, it's a cool feature that adds a little more play value. I think the only thing else I would ask for in a Threepio would be light piping for the eyes, but that's no big deal. Overall, I'd say this is a pretty solid version of Threepio.


  1. Have they light piped threepio's eyes before? Seems like such a no brainer that it shocks me not to see it in a modern figure. With the amazing pipe jobs they have done in the transformers lineup, leaving something like that out of the 'premium' Star Wars line seems weird.

  2. I think the Clone Wars one had light piped eyes, but other than that I'm not sure.


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