Tuesday, August 3, 2010

#66: Star Wars Vintage Collection Dengar

It's been a while since Hasbro has released any new Star Wars toys, but they are back in force now! The Legacy Collection with it's build-a-droid gimmick is gone, replaced by the Vintage Collection with its retro packaging gimmick. Although I open all my toys, I dig the new Vintage packaging, it's a nice throwback to the original toyline. The original Kenner logo is even used on the front of the card. This isn't Hasbro's first attempt at vintage packaging, they used to have the Vintage Original Trilogy Collection with the same gimmick. That was a "premium" line as the figures typically had more articulation than other figures of the time, and was packed with a protective clamshell case and corresponding higher price. Oddly, the current Vintage Collection figures are a dollar more than the Clone Wars and Saga Legends figures. I'm not sure why, they use less packaging material and generally have fewer accessories.

Presumably in celebration of Empire's 30th anniversary, the first wave of Vintage figures is focused on that movie. For me, it's a good chance to finally get around to getting all the bounty hunters Vader gathered to track down the Falcon. So, Dengar! He's the first figure in the line, but he's also the least interesting of the bounty hunters. He's just some guy with a towel wrapped around his head. Fortunately, this version doesn't look like Johnny Cash. This is probably the best version of Dengar they'll ever make, so if you want a figure of him, this is the one to get. There is one particularly odd thing about him. His codpiece is removable. I was posing his arms, and accidentally knocked it off. I don't know why they made it removable, maybe so his legs will bend up enough to allow him to sit in a vehicle. On mine, it stays on securely enough, but that may vary. Overall though, it's a good figure, and I'm glad the Vintage Collection is finally here.


  1. Cool acquisition! My fav fig too from the VOTC line thus far!

  2. They finally made a decent Dengar? What's next? Dogs and cats...living together?

  3. I have been waiting for this Dengar figure! Nice they also repacked some of the other Bounty Hunters as well, in case you missed them the first time!


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