Friday, July 23, 2010

#65: Bioshock 2 Big Daddy

As I mentioned in my entry about the Little Sisters, Rapture can be a dangerous place, so the Big Daddies were created to protect the Little Sisters. Grafted into armored diving suits, and mentally conditioned to protect the Little Sisters, the Big Daddies are not someone you want to face in a fight. Probably the most recognizable of the Big Daddies are the Bouncers, and fittingly they were chosen to be the first figure produced for the Bioshock line.

Without anything to provide scale in this picture, it is hard to tell but the Bouncer is massive. It isn't just tall, it's wide and thick, with a nice heft to it. No cheap rotocast plastic from NECA, apparently. Accordingly, it is a few dollars more than the other figures in the line, but it's worth it. The articulation is a little more plentiful here, enough to vary the stance a bit, and rearrange the arms. With all that weight, it's probably for the best that the leg articulation isn't more extensive, but it should remain standing. It would be cool if the drill bit could spin, but hardly necessary. The sculpt on this is great, it's very detailed, and the paint job does a good job of bringing out the detail.

There's just something about this figure. I really, really like it. Unlike the other figures I have from this line, I think it would make a good addition to any collection regardless of whether you are familiar with the game it's from.

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