Thursday, July 22, 2010

#64: DC Universe Classics Fists of Clay

DCUC's precursor, DC Super Heroes, was basically focused on Batman, Superman, and their associated characters. Like DCUC, it was pretty hard to find the figures, perhaps even harder in the later waves. Clayface was originally released in the DCSH line, and the only time I ever saw one was when I picked one up for my roommate. These days, it's hard to find, and expensive when you do. Fortunately, they did a re-release in this two pack. Unfortunately, they included this ridiculous Batman, so paying 30 bucks seemed like kind of a rip-off. Eventually, I found one on sale online for 15 bucks, and I figured that's a good price, so I went for it.

Clayface is pretty interesting. He has a really cool sculpt that makes him look very fluid. He's very strongly influenced by the animated version of the character, I can definitely imagine Ron Perlman's voice coming out of his mouth. It's a very top heavy figure, and the feet are kind of small, but it seems to be able to stand on its own pretty well. My only complaint is about the arms. Rather than the standard plastic, they are soft and rubbery with a bendy wire inside so they can be bent that way. I would have preferred the regular hard plastic and joints, the rubbery stuff feels like it could rip easily.

Batman is a very unfortunate repaint of the DCUC Batman from the first series. It's the black and grey costume, which is cool. But the brown splatters basically ruin it. I get that it's supposed to make him look dirty from fighting Clayface, but it just doesn't work. You don't have to be very immature figure out what a lot of people think the brown splatters look like, but I will leave the jokes about them to your imagination. At least he has a batarang.

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