Tuesday, July 20, 2010

#62: Bioshock 2 Ladybird Splicer

So far there are only two games in the series, but I think Bioshock ranks among the great video game franchises of today. Set in a dystopic alternate history art deco underwater city, these games have atmosphere out the wazoo and are populated with memorable characters. So of course I wanted to get some of the toys based on the games.

Most of the enemies you have in the game are splicers. Basically they are people addicted to ADAM, a substance that allows the user to rewrite their genetic code and gain new abilities. Unfortunately, ADAM addiction can lead to insanity and disfigurement/mutations. There are a few character models for splicers, and they show up over and over throughout the game. Judging by the weapons she comes with, this splicer can show up as a thuggish splicer (melee attacks) or a leadhead splicer (shoots you). The thuggish splicers only show up early in the game, so I'm not entirely sure if that's why she comes with a rolling pin, but she definitely shows up as a leadhead with her tommy gun.

NECA did a great job of capturing the character model from the game in all its ugliness. It's all very well sculpted, textured, and painted. That's what NECA does, make great looking figures. Unfortunately, they also make figures that aren't as well articulated as you might hope. The elbows are the unfortunate 45 degree angle swivels. I think it would at least work better if the wrists rotated. The mask is removable, and attaches by a small clip on a lock of hair, so it looks good even without the mask on. Well, looking good being a relative term here, as the face underneath is quite hideous. Also included is a stand, which is necessary in this case. Due to the design of the character (one foot in a high heel, the other some mutated freak hoof) it would be about impossible to get the figure to stay upright without a stand.

So it's a very well done representation of a freaky looking character, with not the best articulation. I think whether you will want one of these or not depends on whether you're a fan of the games.


  1. that's a real nice one. i watched johnny playing the game in the dark. so scary.


  2. I love how creepy the games are. It's great atmosphere!


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