Wednesday, July 21, 2010

#63: Bioshock 2 Young Eleanor and LIttle Sister

One group of notable residents of Rapture is the Little Sisters. They are young girls implanted with a sea slug, which allows them to produce the valuable ADAM, gaining amazing regenerative powers as a result. As mobile ADAM factories, they spend their days wandering the streets of Rapture, searching for corpses from which they can extract ADAM and ingest it, thus recycling it for further use. Although they are basically invulnerable, they can be killed by removing the surgically implanted sea slugs to get ADAM. Which is exactly what the Splicers would like to do. That's where the Big Daddies come in...

Eleanor Lamb, daughter of Bioshock 2's main antagonist Sophia Lamb, became a Little Sister while her mother was in jail. Eventually she is rehabilitated, and she is only shown as a Little Sister in the intro to Bioshock 2 which is what this figure represents (a grown up Eleanor figure is one of NECA's SDCC exclusives this year). Naturally, it looks very good. Fortunately, it is better articulated than the larger Splicer figure, and can even stand on its own. Both girls include an ADAM extractor like those they carry in the game. Eleanor also has a Big Daddy doll (NECA also makes a life sized replica) which is a very cool little accessory.

Every other Little Sister in the game looks like the other figure in this set, so I kind of like it more because it's more iconic looking. A two pack of identical Little Sisters would be kind of boring, so it is cool that they included Eleanor as well. However, if you want an army of Little Sisters, it might not be great to have so many extra Eleanor figures.

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