Tuesday, August 17, 2010

#73: Transformers Ravage

So the current Transformers line this is from isn't specifically named. There's no "subtitle" like Revenge of the Fallen, or Generations, or whatever on the packaging. It's just Transformers. This version of Ravage is definitely the movie version. And hey, don't I have one of those already? Yes, yes I do. But this one is smaller, and therefore cuter. That's really the only reason I got it. And it's hard for me to pass up another Ravage. Again, Ravage has the alt-mode of some sort of spaceship looking thing. The process of changing him is pretty easy, instructions are printed on the card rather than included on a piece of paper. I can't imagine that many people would keep him in that mode. This Ravage isn't as well articulated as the larger version, but it's only about an inch high and four inches long, so I can't fault it too much. Despite the decreased articulation, I think I like it better than the larger version.


  1. nice.. heven't seen this smaller version here in Kuala Lumpur...

  2. Good luck on them showing up soon!


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