Tuesday, January 18, 2011

#4: G.I. Joe Pursuit of Cobra - Snake Eyes Ninja Commando

Whenever there's a new Joe line, you know that Snake Eyes can't be far behind. Many, many Snake Eyes. If I recall correctly, the Pursuit of Cobra line has three Snake Eyes figures so far. I've already got a few in my collection, so why another one? From what I've heard, this is a pretty cool version of the character, and its accessories are pretty hard to beat. Snake Eyes is mostly known for being a bad ass ninja, but his original figure had more of a special ops commando feel to it. So, accessory count: two swords with removable sheaths, a different sword, two pistols, a sub-machine gun, a rifle, two silencers, an alternate head (balaclava and goggles combo or standard visor), knife. Silencers! That is so cool. One of the pistols and the sub-machine gun can be fitted with the silencers. I'm sure other figures have had silencers for their guns, but this is my first, and I think they're pretty damn neat. From what I can tell, this version of Snake Eyes seems to be easier to find than the Shock Trooper I posted about yesterday. So if you have room in your collection for yet another version of Snake Eyes, you should be able to find this one easily enough.

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