Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#1 (and #151): Doctor Who Regenerating Weeping Angel

So as I mentioned in the post about the Cyberman, I had another Doctor Who figure that broke. I tried contacting the website I bought it from to see about getting a replacement, but they wouldn't take any opened merchandise and referred me to the company that sells the toys here in the States. They were kind enough to send a replacement free of charge, and didn't even want me to send them the broken figure. Thanks, Underground Toys! I assumed I would be sending the damaged figure back, so I didn't included it as one of last year's entries. Since I still have it, and it's the same figure, I'm doing a dual entry this time.

The Weeping Angels are probably my favorite antagonists that have been introduced during the current run of Doctor Who. They're quite creepy, and with the appearance of angel statues are visually interesting as well. So naturally, I wanted an action figure. I missed out on the first version which is designed to hold the face covering 'weeping' pose. Fortunately with their more recent appearance came new figures. There are a few variants of this: the calm face, the angry face, and a clear version.

With the first figure, the arm snapped off after I had left it in the freezer for a while in hopes of unsticking the bicep joint. Unfortunately, on the newer figure, both bicep joints are stuck, so I am not even going to try unsticking them this time. On the positive side, since this figure isn't designed to hold the 'weeping' pose, it doesn't bother me too much that the biceps won't rotate. At least the arms can still go up and down, and the wrists rotate. As for the broken figure, I will probably glue the arm back on.

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