Thursday, January 20, 2011

#6: LEGO Minifigures - Gorilla Suit Guy

The day after I found the LEGO minifigures at the out of town Target, I went to my local Target to see if they were in stock. They were. I sat down on the ground in the aisle for like 20 minutes trying to decipher the barely visible bumps in order to get the figures I wanted. As you will see, I wasn't entirely successful. First, this is one of the minifigures that I definitely wanted, the guy in a gorilla suit. Gorilla Suit Guy is his official name, according to the website. Until I got him out of the package, I thought it was meant to be an actual gorilla. The head underneath the gorilla mask is a guy with sweat running down his face, and on the back is a zipper. Nice attention to detail!

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