Monday, May 9, 2011

#53: Hot Wheels - Back To the Future Time Machine

A while back, Mattle put out a Hot Wheels DeLorean (then re-released it in two more versions, gold, then black). Naturally, I bought it (and the gold version, because that's just crazy). If it wasn't for Back to the Future, maybe I wouldn't even know what a DeLorean is, but I do think they're really cool looking cars, even if they aren't time machines. But of course, Mattel now has the license for Back to the Future toys, and the first one we get is the most obvious choice. Surprisingly, this isn't just a re-release of the previous DeLorean model with some plastic bits added on the back. The body itself has been re-sculpted to include the various pieces of equipment that Doc Brown added to the the sides of the car. Even the underside is a completely different sculpt. It's s very well detailed little car, from the DMC logo on the front to the classic OUTATIME license plate on the back. Now how long until we get versions from the second and third movies? It's a safe bet I'll buy those, too. Thanks to James for finding this and picking it up for me.

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