Wednesday, May 25, 2011

#58: Captain America The First Avenger Comic Series - Captain America Battlefield

Captain America Battlefield? Okay, who's in charge of naming these things? That's just terrible. Battlefield Captain America would be much better, although something along the lines of World War II Captain America would be preferable (or maybe even Ultimate World War II Captain America, to be more specific). Anyway, like the Wolvering and Iron Man lines before it, the Captain America line is divided into movie and comic series, which I continue to wholeheartedly agree with. I already have a six inch version of this figure (which I got mainly because it came with the Samuel L Jacksonesque version of Nick Fury), and it's a good figure, but I'm mainly into the four inch scale, so I figured I'd pick up this version too.

So, the good news is that it looks good. The sculpt is detailed and textured, and the paint is pretty good. The helmet is removable, and Cap is well armed with a machine gun, a holsterable pistol, and of course his trusty shield. Unfortunately the articulation doesn't work as well as one might hope. The main problem I have is with the arms. They don't go down far enough to the side, and from what I can tell that's an engineering issue rather than a production issue.

So it may not be the best figure out there for your Captain America needs, but it looks cool. Either way, unless I can find Red Skull, I think I've got all the Captain America movie figures that I want. Although, there is a paratrooper Captain America figure that would be a good birthday gift for someone's birthday next month. His parachute is shaped like his shield, and it's the classic non-Ultimate version which I don't have a toy of yet.


  1. But you did not answer the most important question: are you going to take pictures of him fighting your Indiana Jones Nazis?

  2. What do you think of the knee articulation? I was actually quite scared that the legs were going to snap-off when I was posing him!

    It also loses marks in my book due to the lack of a stand.

  3. I agree with iok- The knees are the flimsiest I've seen on a figure in a while. He can't stand without help. You're also right about the arms, Mario.

    Too bad this guy has all these issues, 'cause it LOOKS cool...

  4. I am in the middle of color-correcting the bright green parts. I already pained the boot covers with maroon red and those belts and straps are gonna be dark brown.


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