Wednesday, May 18, 2011

#55: LEGO Minifigures - Kimono Girl

So I was back at Target, because I decided that I needed the sailor also. Naturally, as I was checking the various packages, I decided to get some of the other minifigures I had previously passed on, and so I ended up with the geisha, or kimono girl as she is officially named. One of the cool things about these blindpacked minifigures is that it seems they are given more decorative detail than standard minifigures. The design on the kimono is pretty involved, and there are even paint apps on her hair. Also, she has a fan.


  1. i've got the sailer dubbel. e-mail me please and i send it too you.

  2. I love the sailor because he has a squinty eye like Popeye - probably the closest thing to a Popeye lego we'll ever see.

  3. @dutch purple rabbit: Thanks for the offer, but I bought a sailor when I bought the geisha.

    @bubbashelby: Yeah, the sailor is pretty cool. I didn't think of the Popeye angle.


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