Thursday, June 7, 2012

#42: Star Wars The Vintage Collection - Wedge Antilles

Wedge is one of the coolest characters from Star Wars despite getting minimal screen time. He is one of the very few survivors of the Battle of Yavin, he was in the Battle of Hoth, and he blew up the second Death Star. He appeared in all three films of the classic trilogy and survived to fill a larger role in the expanded universe, yet he doesn't get the action figure love he deserves. In recent years, he appeared in a comic pack, but he wasn't wearing a flight suit, so I skipped it. Then he was in a Target exclusive with an X-Wing, and I couldn't justify the price (besides, I've already got one X-Wing) so I skipped that. Finally, Hasbro released him as a Vintage figure, but of course it has been impossible to find, although they thankfully re-released him in a later wave. I haven't seen any new figures on the pegs of my local Target in months, so I was stuck with hoping to find a decent deal online. Recently Amazon has been carrying some of the harder to find Vintage figures for prices that are barely above retail. With the free shipping option, they are not the worst deals, so I went for it.

Wedge's body is a re-used body from Luke, and even includes a hole to plug in a lightsaber hilt. So, nothing new there. The head is a decent likeness, which I think is improved by leaving the helmet on. He has a blaster but no holster, and that's it for accessories. It's not a mind blowing figure, but as a fan of the character, I'm glad I finally got one for my collection.

Red Squadron reunion. "What's with the dead guy?"

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