Tuesday, June 12, 2012

#46: The Dark Knight Rises - Movie Masters Batman

Since I decided that I want to complete the Batsignal, my next logical purchase was Batman himself. I'd already have Alfred by now if I could find one, but Batman is heavily packed, and is the easiest figure to find. Fortunately, I didn't buy any of the previous Movie Masters Batman figures, so I'm not doubling up. From what I've heard, this is merely a slightly repainted version of the Dark Knight version. Other than that, this is a good figure. It could use some accessories (at least a batarang?), but I suppose the Batsignal piece takes up that part of the budgeting. He's got the typical DCUC style articulation, and what little paint there is looks good. The ab crunch is hard to see due to the detailing of the armor, which is cool. There's a nice mix of matte and glossy black, which helps make the figure look a little more interesting. I think the belt is slightly crooked, alas.

Batsignal completion update #1: 1/3 complete.

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