Thursday, June 28, 2012

#50: Star Wars The Vintage Collection - Han Solo (Bespin outfit)

So my birthday was a couple days ago, and the first toy I received as a gift was this Han Solo from AJ. I think most people think of Han in his outfit from the first movie as the default look, but this is my favorite look for him. I've been wanting to pick up this recent Vintage release because the other figure I have of Han in this outfit is really wonky (see below). This is basically the ultimate version of this outfit on Han. It even has the ball jointed hips that are all the rage these days. He also has some sort of Millennium Falcon tool and goggles which aren't pictured. 

The previous Han that I have does have the cool torture rack accessory, but look how narrow his hips are! The newer figure is such a huge improvement. Thanks, AJ!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, I hated the narrow hip phase that the line went through back then. It happened right around the time I was struggling over not collecting Star Wars anymore. Made the transition easier. :)


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