Monday, June 18, 2012

#47: Star Wars The Vintage Collection - Nom Anor

A couple years ago, Hasbro put out a Yuuzhan Vong warrior figure in a comic pack, and Nom Anor was a rumored future release. Finally, he's been released as part of the Vintage Collection. Like the last few Star Wars figures I bought, this was purchased online rather than in a store. As a member of the Yuuzhan Vong, he does stand out from all the other Star Wars aliens, so he's pretty cool looking. Also, completely new sculpt. With his weird armor and all those spikes, it's not like there's much they could have reused. The paint isn't very bright, but upon closer inspection, there is a lot more of it than I thought at first. His staff is the same mold as the one included with the previous Vong, but this time it has been split into two pieces to fit into the packaging. The cape and hood are removable, and like most hoods in this scale, it doesn't really work out for wearing, but pushing it inside out makes it lay back at least.

The entirety of the Yuuzhan Vong in action figure form so far.


  1. I was going to offer to loan you my YV for a comparison shot, but I guess you got it covered.

    Also, Nom looks like a wuss next to the warrior! I guess being huge would have blown his cover?

  2. Cool! We just got this one at the ToyCon!


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