Thursday, July 12, 2012

#54: The Dark Knight Rises- Batman

You know how there are two main lines of figures based on The Dark Knight Rises? There are the 6 inch Movie Masters, and the smaller poorly articulated figures. Well, it turns out that the smaller figure line is actually two lines. They are the same figures, but one of the lines includes accessories for the figures and has slightly nicer looking packaging. This Batman is from the line with no accessories, and I bought it at a grocery store because it was cheaper than the line with accessories. So instead of a grappling hook, this Batman comes with nothing. For me, the main attraction of this figure is that it has a cloth cape and is in the 4 inch scale. It's lacking in articulation, but it's cheap. Why is the cloth cape important? I wanted a Batman that can sit in my Batmobile, and plastic capes just get in the way.

This used to be in good condition. Over 20 years ago.


  1. I have the one with the grappling hook which i paid $5 at Target for and it was one of my best purchases of the year i think.

  2. I have my Batman (and Catwoman from the Battle for Gotham City set) sitting in my Kenner Batmobile as well!

    I concur: cloth capes FTW!


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